Dr. B. Ramlal

I extend a warm welcome on behalf of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

The Faculty of Engineering is dedicated to our mission of preparing the next generation of engineers with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the evolving demands of society. Our commitment to this mission is exemplified through the delivery of exceptional educational programmes facilitated by esteemed professionals.  These programmes are designed to thrive within a dynamic learning environment, enriched by practical laboratory and field experiences, as well as valuable internship opportunities, all of which significantly contribute to students’ professional development.  

Within this website, you will find comprehensive information about our consultancy services and a wide array of undergraduate programmes, encompassing Chemical and Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Civil with Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Geomatics, Industrial Engineering, Land Management (Valuation), Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Biosystems, Petroleum Engineering, and Petroleum Geoscience.  It is noteworthy, that all our BSc programmes have received accreditation from British Professional Engineering Institutions that are relevant to their specific disciplines.

Additionally, the Faculty of Engineering provides a diverse spectrum of postgraduate programmes, including Postgraduate Diplomas (PGD), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Applied Science (MASc), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  These programmes are meticulously designed to enhance students' knowledge, professionalism, and preparedness for the demands of industry and society.  The Faculty fosters a robust and innovative research environment, serving as a foundation for these programmes.  Moreover, our strong collaboration with our industry partners and local and regional government agencies facilitates our community's ability to provide consultation on relevant issues, addressing real-world challenges.  The Faculty comprises of a dedicated and proficient team of academic, administrative, technical, and support personnel.  Together, we are deeply committed to guiding students in their pursuit of knowledge and learning. Our aim is to deliver an educational experience that aligns seamlessly with the interconnected nature of our global society. 

Bheshem Ramlal 
BSc (UWI), PGDip, MSc (ITC Netherlands), PhD (Maine), Cert. Ed. (UBC), MISTT, MRICS, MCICES
Professor and Dean, Faculty of Engineering, St. Augustine Campus 

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