The Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering invites you to seize the opportunity to optimize your Asset Integrity with RCM-TPM-Weibull-Pareto-Ishikawa-FMECA-RCA-Planning and Scheduling-Turnarounds, through its MSc. EAM Virtual Short Course 2022. 

Being offered are:

(a) 6-off Short-courses presented by International and Local SME's, some of whom are the authors of the books we use in the EAM-MSc programme,

(b) 4-off Short courses, MENG 6701, MENG 6702, MENG 6703 and MENG 6704 which are full MSc courses with approx. 30 contact hours each.

The MSc. EAM Virtual Short courses are designed to

(1) Allow EAM students to interact with Industry SME's and share in the real-life experiences associated with the concepts taught in the EAM-MSc programme.

(2) Provide EAM-MSc taught material to the SME's in Reliability and Maintenance.

Note: The only prequalification is field experience.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation upon successful completion of the course.

Interested persons can register using the following link,

For more information, contact Mr. Kishore Jhagroo, Co-coordinator-MSc Engineering Asset Management Programme at (868) 331-9086 or

Click here to download the full schedule of courses.

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