There are many ways to partner with us in collaborative projects and exciting entrepreneurship opportunities.

We have a range of experts in the Engineering Institute that can undertake projects in a variety of fields such as Energy, Environmental, Food Technology, and Geospatial technology.  See a list of some of our former projects and submit a project proposal.

Helping Hands

The Assistive Device Research Group in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering devises Assistive Technology Devices and is seeking partnerships with interested organizations.  Please contact Dr. Chris Maharaj at and if interested.


Caribbean WaterNet


Development of the new material (polystyrene Mortar) from EPS wastes 


Project title: Enhancing the Feasibility of the Local/Regional Chocolate Industry Via the Development of Low-Cost Processing Equipment


Ultrasonic Floodgate Sensor

floodgate sensor

Statistical Moments Associated with Large Ocean Waves


Methanol-Biofuel Diesel Substitution



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