Do you have that strong desire to start your own Agribusiness enterprise? Then this programme can satisfy most of the knowledge and skills you need to do just that.
If you want to have a salaried career, maybe in addition to an enterprise on the side, then sign up for the BSc Agribusiness Management. This programme prepares you for positions in industries that require innovative, technically proficient, world-class professionals. Be part of the growing field of experts in the food sector who thrive beyond the farm gate!

Studies in Agribusiness can lead to these exciting Career Opportunities

• Agricultural/Environmental Economist
• Business/Research Analyst
• UN Development Economist
• Agro-Industry Consultant
• Rural Development Specialist
• Development Banker

• Agro Processor
• Marketing Advisor
• Agricultural Advertising Specialist
• Farm News Reporter
• Photographer
• Public Relations Officer
• Extension Officer
• Farm Management Consultant
• Finance & Operations Manager
• Agro-Industry Consultant
• Rural Development Specialist
• Development Banker
• Commodities Trader
• Production Manager
• Farm Manager
• Greenhouse/Nursery Manager
• Hatchery Manager
• Brand Inspector Quality Assurance Inspector
• Agricultural Consultant
• Product Developer
• Agricultural Chemicals Distributor

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