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BDU Short Courses

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Registration/Payment Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the FFA Business Development Unit Short Course Series

In order to successfully complete registration and attend these courses you are required to complete the following 3 step process.

Step 1: Complete and submit the online registration form.

Step 2: Payment Centres:

The Bursary Cashier, Ground Floor, Administration Building
Opening Hrs: Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm
Payment for: [Name of Course]
Account #: 11308-1151-5405-1

ii.ANY Republic Bank Branch / Online Transfer
Account No. 160-284-614-001

To be added by the participant before submitting bank receipt: (Very Important)
✔Name of Participant
✔ Name of Course e.g. Aquaponics/FFA

Step 3: You are a registered participant once you have:

▶Submitted proof of payment before the course starts to: The Business Development Unit, 2nd Floor (turn left, 2nd to last door on the right) Sir Frank Stockdale Building, Faculty of Food and Agriculture, UWI Campus


▶ Emailed a copy of your receipt as an attachment to:


75% Attendance compulsory for in order to recieve Certificate of Participation

Basic Home Gardening

$1000.00TTD | Certificate

Mar 15-21 2021

This course provides an understanding of the fundamentals of home gardening allowing you to create a multi-functional outdoor green space that improves health and overall well-being while reducing your food bill
In just 4 sessions you will learn about:
*basic elements and principles of home gardening
*approp. systems, planting materials, growing mediums and fertilizers
*irrigation and drainage
*common pests and diseases

Hydroponics I

$1200.00TTD | Certificate

Cycle 2: Mar 22-26 2021

This course provides an understanding of the technology of soilless crop production along with providing an introduction to Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)
In just 5 sessions you will learn about:
*construct, operate and manage your own hydroponic system
*assess and calculate hydroponic nutrient requirements
*manipulate the environment for optimum growth
*identify crop problems related to pest disease and nutrient deficiencies

Hydroponics II

$1500.00TTD | Certificate

Cycle 2: Mar 29-Apr 4 2021

This course utilizes the basics of hydroponics and develops abilities in problem solving through critical analysis thus improving system operation and management. In addition, provides an introduction into market analysis, customer discovery and business planning.

Landscape Management for Entrepreneurs

$1200.00TTD | Certificate

Mar 12-16 2021

This course provides participants with the knowledge and practical experience associated with the elements of landscaping, and the establishment and management of different plant types for a range of landscapes
In just 6 sessions you will learn about:
*plant identification, surveying and measurement
*site preparation, planting and propagation
*fertilization and pest/disease control
*equipment selection and maintenance
*lighting and special features

Small Gas Engine Repair

$1200.00TTD | Certificate

Apr 18-22 2021

This course provides an understanding of the role of a small engine technician and the career opportunities in the outdoor power equipment field
In just 5 sessions you will learn about:
*describe the basic operation of small engines and identify the parts of a typical small engine
*discuss the theory and operation of the cooling, lubrication and fuel of a typical small engine
*describe the theory and operation of the electrical systems of a small engine, incl. the operation of the ignition system

Waste Management

$1000.00TTD | Certificate

Apr 26-30 2021

In this course you will learn
• How to conduct a waste audit
• Recognize the appropriate treatment systems for waste
• Understand the use of community-based social marketing as a behaviour change strategy when developing waste/environmental programmes.
• Fundamentals of waste management including governing laws/regulations and policies


$1200.00TTD | Certificate

May 10-14 2021

This course provides an understanding of the technology used to integrate recirculating fish production systems with hydroponic plant production
In just 5 sessions you will learn about:
*aquaculture, hydroponics and aquaponics system design and layout
*fish species and maintenance
*the best plants and crops for your system


$1000.00TTD | Certificate

May 17-21 2021

This course provides a practical guide to composting, compost use and technology
In just 5 sessions you will learn about:
*composting biology and methods
*feedstock and equipment
*site selection and management
*recipe development, stability and maturity
*agricultural and horticultural use including compost tea production

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