If you are looking for that perfect outdoor career, looking after nature with the knowledge and skills of a highly trained professional, then the Environmental and Natural Resource Management programme is just for you.
This programme offers hands-on experience to enable you to understand the scientific and technical aspects of environmental and natural resource conservation. Sustainable use of the world’s resources is urgent in this climate change era in which we live.

Environmental Studies can lead to these exciting Career Opportunities

• Environmental Scientist/Consultant
• Forestry Manager
• Sustainability Consultant
• Natural Resource Valuation Specialist
• Policy Consultant
• Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
• Climate Change Policy Analyst
• Environmental Educator

• Natural Resource Manager
• Ranger/Forestry Manager
• Marine Resource Inspector
• Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
• Aquaculture Specialist• Environmental Restoration Planner
• Coastal and Estuary Specialist
• Forest Restoration Director
• Watershed Coordinator
• Fish and Wildlife Specialist
• Climate Change Analyst
• Eco-Tourism Specialist
• Extension Educator in Natural Resource Management

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