Start Dates:

September 2022

Study Mode:

Full time : 1 Year
Part Time : 2 Years

About this Programme

The Postgraduate Diploma in Pesticide Technology and Management is mandated to train personnel in the management of pesticides throughout the life cycle starting from the manufacturing of pesticides, transportation, registration, labelling, packing, repacking, distribution, sale, use, monitoring, quality control, disposal and container management. The programme is designed to provide deeper knowledge and training in selection of pesticides and assessment of risks associated with application of pesticides during and after. In addition, the programme includes the training on pesticide risk assessment, mitigation and remediation measures.
It covers the identification, taxonomy, biology, life cycle, and nature of damage of pests and disease of agricultural and public health importance in the region. The programme includes the international and regional level pesticide policies, conventions and regulations that governs the production, use, registration, transportation, distribution and disposal of pesticides. It has been designed to provide knowledge on the potential alternatives to the highly hazardous pesticides in the sustainable cultivation of crops.
The programme mainly targets the Pesticide Regulatory Authorities, Pesticide Retailers and Distributors, Farm Managers, Workers in Public Health, Employees of Agro-chemical Industries, Agricultural Consultants, Researchers and NGOs in the field of pesticide management.

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