Dr. Douglas-Wade Brunton

Lecturer, Communication Studies

Room 313B, 3rd Floor West

St. Augustine

Trinidad and Tobago

Telephone: 868-662-2002

Email: douglas-wade.brunton@sta.uwi.edu

I am a digital ethnographer specifically interested in the relationship between media, culture and identity in a global context. This interest, a prior career as a communications professional working throughout the Caribbean, and my Trinidadian identity inform my work on the role the online performance of self plays in the interpretive constructs of identity – particularly for people of colour.

My research congregates under five themes: temporality, spatiality, identity, race, and culture - all of which I bring to bear in my current book project The Creole’s Web - Creolité as a Digital Logic. This project constitutes the creole as the primary technological product of the global political economy of the Age of Empire created by language, collective memory and place and deploys it to offer a new understanding of the personal and social constructions afforded by the New World of online spaces as people continue to negotiate the intricacies of time, place, and interpellations in such unmapped or unknown spaces.

Aspects of this work are currently out for peer review in article manuscript form as part of an ongoing series on What is Cultural Studies? in the International Journal of Cultural Studies ; and also as a chapter in the forthcoming SAGE Handbook of Global Social Theory. The construct of the Creole is also the basis for a chapter in “Neo Race Realities in the Obama Era” published by SUNY Press in 2019.  To date, I have developed theoretical models to interpret the online surveillance of Black and Brown bodies with this work appearing in Social Media + Society; Souls – A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society; and the Journal of Human Behaviour.

I am happy to supervise postgraduate projects on subjects from digital studies and the intersection of media, culture and identity to the social impacts of mediated surveillance.

Click here for a copy of my research output, conference presentations and invited talks


  • MA New Media and Society – University of Leicester
  • PhD Communication Studies – University of Michigan

Research Interests

  • Media Studies
  • Critical Theory
  • Cultural Studies
  • Digital Studies
  • Surveillance Culture
  • Postcolonial Theory
  • Critical Race
  • Creole Studies

Featured Work

Courses Taught

  • COMS 2002 - Communication Analysis
  • COMS 2501 - Communication Technology
  • COMS 2201 - Intercultural Communication
  • COMS 3901 - Communication Theory
  • COMS 6000 - Graduate Research Seminar: Qualitative Methods
  • COMS 6001 - Topics in Communication: Time Is a Place: A New Refutation of Race, Place, & Space

Curriculum Vitae

Brunton CV January 2022.pdf

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