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Dr Paulson Skerrit

Research Interests

Dr. Paulson Skerrit does research in Reading, Deaf Education, Sign Language and Sign Language Interpreting, Equity for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. HIs current projects include, teacher preparation for the teaching of reading, experiences of the Deaf and hard of hearing in the Criminal Justice System, and the role of Language Ideologies and Linguistic Variation in the development of Sign Language interpreting services in Trinidad and Tobago.

Publications & Conferences

Skerrit, P. (2018). The Development of Sign Language Interpreting in Trinidad and Tobago: Language Ideologies and Linguistic Variation.  Paper presented at the Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL) in collaboration with the Society for Pidgin and Creole Languages (SPCL) conference, “Connecting the Caribbean: Languages, Borders and Identities”. Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica.

Dr Skerrit's publications and conference presentations may be viewed at


Pictured presenting is Dr Paulson Skerrit at the 2018 Society for Caribbean Linguistics Biennial Conference in Heredia, and upon request, in Limon, Costa Rica.


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