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Mrs Dyann Barras

Research Interests

Mrs Dyann Barras’ research interests are focused on the areas of Teacher Education, the Teaching of Social Sciences and Business Studies and Issues of Inclusion, particularly at the secondary school utilizing qualitative methodologies.

Selected Publications

  • Barras, D., Herrera, C., Philip, K., & Stephens-James, L. (2018). Practice Multiple Choice Questions CSEC Principles of Accounts. London: Harper Collins Publisher Limited.
  • Geofroy, S., Bitu, B., Barras, D., Lochan, S., Mc Leod, L., Stephens-James, L., & Valentine-Lewis, A. (2017). Emancipatory teaching practices in the understandings of Social Sciences teachers on a Diploma of Education programme. In J. Mena, A. García-Valcárcel, F. J. G. Peñalvo, M. Martín del Pozo (Eds.), Search and research: Teacher education for contemporary contexts (pp. 397-407). Salamanca, Spain: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca. ISBN: 978-84-9012-769-8

  • Bitu, B., Barras, D., Geofroy, S., Ali, S., Lochan, S., Mc Leod, L., Stephens-James, L., & Valentine-Lewis, A. (2017). Teachers’ views of the learning potential of students from low-income households- Challenges of inclusion. Caribbean Curriculum: Special Issue on Inclusive Education, Guest Editor Elna Carrington-Blaides, 25, 53-78.

  • Barras, D., Bitu. B., Geofroy, S., Lochan, S., McLeod, L., & Ali, S. (2016). Social Sciences teachers’ perceptions of transformatory learnings from an initial in-service professional development programme at The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, 2013-14. Caribbean Curriculum, 24, 2016, 75–99.

  • Ali, S., Barras, D., Bitu, B., Geofroy, S., Lochan, S. and Mc Leod, L. (2015). Did they learn anything? Experiences of Social Sciences teachers on an initial in-service post-graduate teacher education programme, 2013/14, at The School of Education, UWI, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad and Tobago. Caribbean Teaching Scholar, 5(2), 63-78. Retrieved from


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