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Dr Vimala Kamalodeen

Research Interests

Dr Vimala Kamalodeen is interested in utilizing integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches in her research studies. She has been conducting mixed methods research studies such as the Game-based Learning Investigation in schools.  Dr. Kamalodeen connects with mixed methods researchers across campuses and institutions and is the President of the Caribbean Chapter of the Mixed Methods International Research Association.

Selected Publications

  • Kalloo, R. C., Mitchell, B. & Kamalodeen, V. J. (2020). Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago: Challenges and opportunities for teacher education, Journal of Education for Teaching, DOI: 10.1080/02607476.2020.1800407
  • Cook, L. D. & Kamalodeen, V. J. (2019). The Utilization of Integration of Mixed Methods in the Caribbean. In Hitchcock, J. and Onwuegbuzie, A.J. (Eds.), Advancing Integration in Mixed Methods Research Handbook. Routledge, USA (in print).
  • Jaggernauth, S., Ramsawak-Jodha, N., Kamalodeen, V., Dedovets, Z., & Figaro-Henry, S. (2019). Exploring Gamification for Reinforcing Geometrical Concepts and Skills at the Primary level in Trinidad: A Mixed Methods Pilot Study. Caribbean Curriculum, August 2019 (in print)
  • Kalloo, R., Jaggernauth, S., Ramsawak-Jodha, N., Kamalodeen, V., Abdul-Majied, S., Dedovets, Z., Barrow, D. (2019). An Exploratory Study of Game-Based Approaches in Primary Mathematics and Science Classrooms in Trinidad and Tobago. Journal of Educational Development in the Caribbean JEDIC.
  • Kamalodeen, V. J. & Taylor, M. (2019). Teacher learning in Action Research: Insights from Information Technology/ Computer Science (IT/CS) teachers in the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education programme at the School of Education, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.  Caribbean Curriculum, Special Issue August (in print).
  • Kamalodeen, V., Figaro-Henry, S., Ramsawak-Jodha, N., & Dedovets, Z. (2017). “The Development of teacher ICT competence and confidence in using Web 2.0 tools in a STEM professional development initiative in Trinidad”. The Caribbean Teaching Scholar, 7, 25-45. Available at
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2016). “Are teachers ready for digital learning spaces? A case study of an online social networking site for teachers in Trinidad and Tobago” In J. Zhang, J. Yang, M. Chang and T. Chang (Eds.), ICT in Education Global Context, The Best Practices in K-12 Schools. (pp. 107-144). Singapore: Springer.  Doi: 10.1007/978-981-10-0373-8.
  • Kamalodeen, V. & Chaitoo, M. (2016). “One-to-one Laptop use among Students and Teachers in a selected secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago”.  Canadian International Journal of Social Sciences and Education. (CIJSSE)  1, 5-21. 
  • Kamalodeen, V. & Jameson-Charles, M. (2016). “A Mixed Methods Research Approach to Exploring Teacher Participation in an Online Social Networking website”.  Second Special Issue “How Mixed Methods Informs and Enhances Qualitative Research” of the International Journal of Qualitative Methods (IJQM). 1-14. 
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2014). “Mathematics Education in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago” Co-authored with S. Khan, Teachers College, Columbia University. In H. Rosario, P. Scott & B. Vogeli (Eds.), Mathematics and its Teaching in the South Americas. (pp. 405-438). Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2014). “Teacher Learning in an Online Educational Social Networking Site”, Caribbean Curriculum, School of Education, UWI, St. Augustine. 22, 2014, 105-132.
  • Figaro-Henry, S. & Kamalodeen, V. (2015). Developing 21st century skills in In-service Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers through Digital Learning Spaces (DLS). In S. Carliner, C. Fulford & N. Ostashewski (Eds.), Proceedings of EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology 2015 (pp. 182-191). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE).

Selected Presentations

Dr. Vimala Judy Kamalodeen, President, Caribbean Chapter of Mixed Methods International Research Association, as co-presenter for Mixed Methods Case Study Research Webinar hosted by International Institute for Qualitative Methodology.

  • Kamalodeen, V., Kalloo, R., Jaggernauth, S., Abdul-Majied, S., Dedovets, Z. & Ramsawak-Jodha, N. (2019, March). A Mixed Methods Intervention Design to Game Based Approaches in Science and Mathematics Primary Clasrsooms.  Poster presented at Third Regional Mixed Methods Conference, UWI Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Studies, Mt. Hope, Trinidad.
  • Kalloo, R., Jaggernauth, S., Kamalodeen, V., Abdul-Majied, S., Dedovets, Z. & Ramsawak-Jodha, N. (2019, Febraury). An Exploratory Study to Game Based Approaches in a Primary School in T&T. Paper presented at The Schools of Education Biennial Conference, UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad.

  • Kamalodeen, V., & Taylor, M. (2017, July). Mixed Methods Research in The Caribbean, Game-based learning in the Information Technology classroom. Poster presented at Research in Education Symposium, The Information Technology Teachers Professional Network, Ministry of Education, Port of Spain, Trinidad,
  • Kamalodeen, V., & Taylor, M. (2017, June). Dynamics of peer tutoring in a higher education program with Information Technology teachers. Paper presented at The International Conference on Education and New Development.  Lisbon, Portugal, Jun 24th-26th. 
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2017, March). Mixing methods- Challenges and best practices. Panel Presentation at Mixed Methods International Regional Conference, UWI,  Jamaica. (other panelists: Professor John Creswell, Professor Tony Onwuegbuzie, Rohan Madray).
  • Kamalodeen, V., & Mitchell, I. (2017, March). Experiences in using ICT in the classroom: Describing Teachers’ Perspectives after Graduating from a Diploma in Educational Technology at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Paper presented at Mixed Methods International Regional Conference, UWI,  Jamaica, .
  • Kamalodeen, V., Jaggernauth, S., Figaro-Henry, S., Ramsawak-Jodha, N., & Dedovets, Z.  (2017, March). Game based learning in Mathematics in primary schools- a pilot study. Paper presented at Mixed Methods International Regional Conference, UWI,  Jamaica, .
  • Kamalodeen, V., & Samaroo, A. (2017, February). An Investigation into the provision of quality and effective instruction with students with suspected disabilities in a private primary school. Paper presented at Inclusive Education Conference, Schools of Education of the UWI and SUNY, Potsdam, NY.
  • Kamalodeen, V., & Maharaj, M. (2016, July). Managing Disruptive Technologies in the Secondary Classroom: A Case Study of Mobile Learning in Trinidad and Tobago. Paper presented at Twenty-third International Conference on Learning, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • Kamalodeen, V., Pinder, P., & Kalloo, R.  (2016, June). Game Based learning in STEM in a Selected Primary School- Preliminary Findings. Presentation at Brown Bag Research in Education Series, Ministry of Education, Trinidad, (wiith other members of research team).
  • Kamalodeen, V., Nanan, A., & Mohammed, K. (2015, October). Digital Game-Based Learning. Poster and booth exhibition at UWI-National Gas Corporation Research Expo, UWI, Trinidad.
  • Kamalodeen, V., & Figaro-Henry, S. (2015, June). Developing 21st century skills in In-service Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teachers through Digital Learning Spaces (DLS). Paper presented at EdMedia 2015: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2015, May). Teacher and student laptop use in a selected South Government Secondary School in Trinidad. Paper presented at the International Conference on Social Science, Languages and Education held at Humber College, Toronto, Canada.
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2015, March). A Mixed Methods Approach to Analyzing Participation in an online social networking site for teachers. Paper presented at Mixed Methods Regional Conference, UWI, Mona, Jamaica. 
  • Kamalodeen, V., Dedovets, Z., Ramsawak-Jodha, N., & Figaro-Henry, S. (2014, November). The Development of Teacher ICT Competencies through a STEM Teacher Training Project. Poster presented at the ICT in Education Research Poster Competion.  Ministry of Education, Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain.​ Trinidad. 
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2014, May). The Development of Teacher ICT Competencies through a STEM Teacher Training Project. Paper presented at the 2nd Virtual Education Caribbean OAS Conference, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2014, May). A Mixed Methods Approach to Analyzing Digital Text and Talk. Paper presented at the 2nd Virtual Education Caribbean OAS Conference, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2013, June). Examining Roles of Teacher Participation in Online Social Networking Sites. Paper presented at Canadian International Conference on Education, University of Toronto, Canada.. 
  • Kamalodeen, V. (2013, April). Towards a Model of Teacher Learning on Online Social Networking Sites. Paper presented at UWI Biennial Conference in Education UWI, Trinidad.  


Dr Vimala Kamalodeen (pictured centre) as panellist with fellow panelits Prof. John Cresswell and Prof Jennifer Greene, Jamaica Mixed Methods Conference, 2017.


Dr Vimala Kamalodeen pictured with Dr Sabeerah Abdul-Majied of the School of Education, St. Augustine, presenting on the Game Based Learning Project


Dr Kamalodeen pictured as panelist at a panel discussion on Mixed methods with Prof. John Creswell, Dr Rohan Madray and Prof. Tony Onwuegbuzie, SOE, UWI Mona, 2017.


Research Impact

Vimala pic 2.jpg

Dr. Vimala Kamalodeen and Dr. Zhanna Dedovets instruct a few of the University Primary School teachers on the use of one of their five mathematics games.


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