School of Education


Dr Madgerie Jameson-Charles

Research Interests

Dr Madgerie Jameson-Charles' research interests are in the areas of: 

  • Learning and instruction in higher education
  • Making transitions
  • Education for employment
  • Assessment for Learning
  • High-stakes testing
  • Teacher and student motivation, and
  • Youth Development.

Selected Publications

  • Onuoha, C.A.  Dyer-Regis, B. Onuoba, P.C., Jameson-Charles, M. & Herbert, S. (2017). Exploring the roles of curriculum workload and belief systems in the implementation of a school health programme of a Caribbean Island. International Journal of Education and Research 5(2). 151 – 159.
  • Jameson-Charles, M. (May 2017).  Situation Analysis, Gun and Gang Violence in Anguilla. Ministry of Health and Social Development. Government of Anguilla (59 pages).
  • Jameson-Charles, M (2016). Exploring the Eleven Plus Examination in Saint Lucia. In. Charmaine Bissessar (Ed) Assessing the Current State of Education in the Caribbean. IGI Global
  • Kamalodeen, V.J. & Jameson-Charles, M. (2016).  A mixed methods research approach to exploring teacher participation in an online social networking website.  International Journal of Qualitative Methods. Special Issue January- December 2016, 1 - 14. DOI: 10.1177/1609406915624578  (5 citations)
  • Phillip, S., Jameson-Charles, M. & Cain, M. (2016). Up a Creek without a paddle: Negotiating the digital divide:  Teachers’ experiences on the one-to-one laptop initiative. In. Charmaine Bissessar (Ed) Assessing the Current State of Education in the Caribbean. IGI Global
  • Zarubko, E., Karandashev, V., Jameson-Charles, M., Hutcheson, S., & Carter, J. (2016). Sensory experience in interpersonal physical attraction: Cross cultural comparison. In C Roland-Lévy, P. Denoux, B. Voyer, P. Boski & W.K. Gabrenya Jr. (Eds.). Unity, diversity and culture: Research and Scholarship Selected from the 22nd Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. (pp. 294 – 298) Melbourne, Florida USA: International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.
  • Charles, H. W. & Jameson-Charles, M. (January 2015) Youth Policy Document. Government of Grenada:  (107 pages)
  • Charles, H.W. & Jameson-Charles, M. (November 2015). Youth Strategy Document. Tobago House of Assembly.  (58 pages)
  • Jaggernauth, S. J., & Jameson-Charles, M. (2015). Initial teacher efficacy of in-service secondary teachers in Trinidad and Tobago. Caribbean Curriculum, 23, 23–48.
  • Jaggernauth, S. J. & Jameson-Charles M. (2015). Mathematics anxiety and the primary school teacher’s mathematics teacher efficacy beliefs and mathematics avoidance tendencies: Mafalda Carmo (ed) Education Applications and Development. WIARS, Portugal.
  • Dalrymple, V., Jameson-Charles, M. & Charles, H. W. (September 2014).  Tobago House of Assembly, Division of Education, Youth and Sports, Institutional Review. (38 pages).
  • Jameson-Charles, M. (November 2014). Findings of Pan Yards Questionnaire for PanTrinbago. Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism, Government of Trinidad and Tobago.  (15 pages).

Selected Presentation

Dr Madgerie Jameson-Charles presenting at the opening ceremony of the International TVET conference, 2017



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