prof-ann-bissessar.pngWelcome Students

Each new semester commences with anticipation of meeting new students but at the same time there is some measure of sadness as we say goodbye to those who are leaving us. We know, however, that we have created brand managers who will go on to be Chief Executive Officers, Managers, Administrators and most importantly leaders in their chosen field. We Salute Them.

We take this time to welcome YOU warmly. We are thrilled to be meeting you and we thank you for selecting this Faculty as the Faculty of Your choice. It is the largest Faculty at the University of the West Indies with a student population of over 5,400 students. We offer the widest array of programmes and you can select majors or minors from different disciplines to complement your degree option. Over the last year, the Faculty has embarked on a careful introspection of itself. We have embarked on a comprehensive rethinking and recalibrating of what we offer and how it is offered in keeping with advice from students and the wider population. We have looked at our processes and are now proud of the agility in which we can assist a student in overcoming challenges.

The Faculty of Social Sciences, as you would know, comprises the following departments. These Departments are:

Department of Behavioural Sciences – Head: Professor Derek Chadee

Department of Economics – Head: Dr Althea La Foucade

Department of Management Studies – Head: Dr Acolla Lewis-Cameron

Department of Political Science – Head: Dr Bishnu Ragoonath

Each one of these Departments, led by the respective Heads, has been preparing for your entry and in the case of our returning students, your return. You would note, too, that in the Secretariat of the Faculty of Social Sciences, we have created a website to assist you in getting matters speedily resolved. We have staff in our departments who are committed to enable you as you take on the challenge of managing your home life, for some of you, your work life and your academic programmes. We urge you to communicate with us if you need advice or feel overwhelmed. We are here to assist and where we cannot, we will guide you to those in our community who can.

We remind you, however, that the world of academia is not only about ‘book learning’ nor is it the Ivory Tower some suggest it is. The Faculty is here to open your minds to new ideas, new opinions and to path-breaking research. At the same time, our Faculty tries to enable you to use the new ideas and to expand on these in order to assist your own community as well as the region and the world at large.

This book is a GUIDE to your programmes. It offers you the opportunity to map your academic career and also expands your programmes to include other minors as well. Keep this booklet with you at all times. If unsure of how to proceed, contact your Heads of Departments, advisors and administrators.

We wish you well in your new undertaking and remind you that we will walk with you on this journey. Make us proud.



Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


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