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Staff Profiles

(Dr.) Shellyanne Wilson

Head of Department, Lecturer in Production and Operations

Dorian Noel (Dr.)

Lecturer in Finance

Paul Balwant (Dr.)

Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Imran Hosein (Mr.)

Lecturer - Accounting

Phillip Maharaj (Mr.)

Lecturer in Accounting

Prakash Ramlakhan (Mr.)

Lecturer in Banking & Finance

Leslie-Ann Jordan-Miller (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism

Rajendra Ramlogan (Prof.)

Professor in Business Law

Barney Pacheco (Dr.)

Lecturer in Marketing

Riann Singh (Dr.)

Lecturer in Human Resource Management

Marlene Murray (Dr.)

Lecturer in Insurance Management

Simon Fraser (Mr.)

Lecturer in Information Systems, E-commerce and Business Strategy

Chandrashekhar Bhatnagar (Dr.)

Senior Lecturer in Finance

Surendra Arjoon (Prof.)

Professor of Business and Professional Ethics

Christine Sahadeo (Mrs.)

Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Natasha Ramkissoon-Babwah (Dr.)

Lecturer in Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Vaalmikki Arjoon (Dr.)

Lecturer in Finance

Sherlan Cabralis (Ms.)

Lecturer in Sports Management

Jacqueline Stephenson (Dr.)

Lecturer in Human Resource Management

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