Our Mission

The Chemistry Department is committed to delivering high quality and internationally recognized teaching and research programmes to our students, so that our graduates will be equipped to play the pivotal roles required of them in the overall development of the region and, particularly, in the sectors related to chemical science.


To Prospective Students

Chemistry Student Support systems ensures that our students strive at UWI STA.

The study of chemistry will equip you with the knowledge and skills that will enable you to better understand the developments taking place in the world around you and to see the place of the chemist in it all. Chemists are in the forefront of the development of:

  1. new materials for household and industrial use, e.g. for clothes and household items, buildings, aircraft and electronic devices.
  2. new and safer drugs, and
  3. new industrial catalysts and processes for producing needed raw materials.

Chemists are also involved in research to better understand the most fundamental life processes e.g. photosynthesis, assist in the detection of crime and be actively involved in developing methods to clean up the environment. Chemistry, therefore, offers to those who pursue its study, rewarding careers in industry, research, business, education and environmental and forensic science. Interestingly, the nature of the intellectual training and development provided by this unique discipline finds our graduates able to excel in fields seemingly far removed from chemistry, such as accounting, banking and management.

For some of you, your study of chemistry will provide the gateway to careers in other fields such as medicine, engineering and biology. You can be certain that your training in chemistry will serve you in good stead in your career.

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