Answer: FYE is exclusively for first year students at The UWI, St. Augustine Campus. The programme is all-encompassing and caters to the orientation and transition needs of all new undergraduate and postgraduate students.

                                 Answer: FYE is a year-long programme that is designed to provide sustained transition support. We commence with pre-orientation (Smart-Start) in June and engage new students in a series of orientation events and activities that span the duration of the academic year. 

                              Answer: In addition to our suite of orientation events and activities, the following support resources are available for the benefit of all new students: 

  • FYE Facebook Student Support Group 

  • FYE Youtube Channel 

  • New Student Orientation Guide 

  • FYE 101- online ‘orientation’ course 

                        Answer: First year students are encouraged to participate in all general FYE events and activities. These include Smart Start, FYE 101, UWI Life, FYE Mixers, FYE Buzz, UWI Clicks and our workshops that focus on health, finances and career planning. For those events/activities that target specific student groups (for example first-generation students, regional/international students, hall residents and students with disabilities/medical conditions), participation is required from students that identify with these respective sub-groups, only. This also applies to Faculty specific sessions. 

                         Answer: Our FYE team at the Division of Student Services and Development (DSSD) can be contacted for all information needed on the FYE programme.  

Feel free to engage with us via our website live-chat, Facebook student support group or through the following mediums:



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