Welcome to FYE!

The first year of study is recognized as an important milestone and transformative period in a student’s life as it underpins (most times) the university experience that unfolds. With this in mind, the First Year Experience (FYE) programme seeks to support new students through every stage of the orientation and transition process towards preparing the foundation for success at The UWI,    St. Augustine Campus. This dynamic programme is held annually and features a comprehensive suite of orientation activities, events and initiatives designed specifically to meet informational demands, stimulate excitement for learning and foster new students’ integration into the campus community. FYE empowers students to be their best and propels them to become co-producers of their university experience.  

The FYE programme is inclusive and provides a holistic orientation process that addresses the specific needs of all subgroups within the student population including undergraduate students, post-graduate students, regional/international students, commuting students, first-generation students and students with disabilities/medical conditions. Participation of all new students in FYE programme is encouraged as the experience is vital to academic preparedness and seamless integration into The UWI St. Augustine's diverse and vibrant student community. 

FYE is a once in a lifetime opportunity that prepares students for success therefore we invite our valued first year students to get involved, get immersed and take full advantage of the FYE experience! 


Our Objectives:

  • Meet the informational demands of new students throughout the transition process while introducing and connecting them to key campus services and resources that will work to support the pursuit of their educational and personal goals in the first year of study.
  • Present and engage new students in diverse, experiential learning and developmental opportunities that will contribute to self-efficacy, academic preparedness and successful social integration into the campus community.
  • Build a vibrant new student community and create an atmosphere that will minimize anxiety, promote positive attitudes, stimulate an excitement for learning and motivate students to connect and find a sense of belonging at The UWI St. Augustine Campus.



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