Sir Arthur Lewis Memorial Conference
September 25-27 2008

1. ‘Hanging by Invitation: Capital Punishment and escalating Homicide rates in the Caribbean’
2. Attachment
Biko Agozino -

Sustainable development in T&T
B. Copeland, R. DeFour, S. Gift & St. C. King -

1. Ethnic domination and reconciliation in multi-ethnic Societies: An alternative to J. Furnivall and M.G.Smith in Sir Arthur Lewis
2. Self-Determination and Sovereignty in the Caribbean: Migration, Transnational Identities, and Deterritorialisation of the State
Ralph Premdas -

Decolonisation, Democracy and Development. The Political Ideas of W. Arthur Lewis
Tennyson Joseph -

Understanding the impact of Parent School involvement on Urban Children at an ECCE School
Hugh Wilson -

The Impact of Tourism on Crime in a Small Island Developing Tourist Destination: The Case of Tobago
Wendell Wallace -

Human Capital, Culture, Markets Access and Productive Inefficiency in a Diversified Open Economy—Empirical Evidence from Rural Haiti
Sergot Jacob -

Fete Societies and Rumshop Politicians: The Dangers of Ignoring Arthur Lewis and Globalization
Jerome Teelucksingh -

Rapists’ accounts of their motivations, levels of premeditation and target choices: Some Trinidadian and Tobagonian data
Simon Alexis & Terence Bartholomew -

Sustainable Development Issues facing the Agricultural and Industrial Sectors
Grace LesFouris -

Building a Regional Policy on Migration
Andrea Symmonds -

The Possibility of Developing a Sustainable Non-oil Economy in Trinidad and Tobago despite the present state affairs, re: Globalization and Cariforum
Marlon Anatol -

Youth in Participatory Development
Grace-Ann Cornwall -

The Political Economy of School Violence in Trinidad and Tobago
Daphne Phillips -

Understanding Investment Choices in Education Social Capital as a Latent Variable Analytical Concept
Linda Hewitt -

Engendering Free Trade In The Commonwealth Caribbean: Women And The Free Trade Area Of The Americas (FTAA)
Kerrie-Ann Tucker -

“Nah Go a Jail Again, Oh No”: A Philosophical Consideration on the Development and Challenges of the Abortion Debate in Jamaica
Keino Senior -

Pluralist Governance in the Twenty-First Century Africa: Politics in West Africa Revisited
Yoichi Mine -

Trinidadian university students’ responses to a fictional domestic violence scenario: The role of gender and study major
Alicia Hospedales & Terence Bartholomew -

The Long Shadow of the Plantation: The evolution of welfare regimes in the (British) West Indies
Catherine Jones Finer -

The Cost of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence: An Economic Perspective with Implications for Trinidad and Tobago
Karl Theodore, Christine Laptiste, Althea La Foucade, Charmaine Metivier & Kimberly-Ann Gittens-Baynes -

The Academic Economist as Teacher; Lessons from Lewis and the Caribbean Policy Discourse
Mark Figueroa -

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