Highlights & Activities over the years


UWI Telehealth & Atlantic LNG support Burn Management Course


A The UWI Telehealth Programme in collaboration with Atlantic LNG, Trinidad & Tobago, hosted an Advanced Burn Life Support Course of the American Burn Association on 8th Nov. 2008. This was the first time that this course was conducted outside the United States of America.

With the objectives to “up-skill” health care providers (doctors, nurses and emergency medical service personnel) in assessing and classifying burns, understand the body’s stress response to acute burn injury, start immediate management of the burnt patient (from fire, inhalation injury, chemical burn and electrical injures).


A combination of class room and practical simulated sessions were use to train and enable 36 health care providers how to react and treat various scenarios. The visiting team from the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, comprised of Dr. Louis Pizano (Chief), Ms Robin Varas (ARNP), Olga Quintana (ARNP) and Doris Braddy (ARNP).  Dr. Pizano gave a very comprehensive presentation on the “Management of Burns in the First 24 Hours” at a dinner meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  The trainers were extremely pleased with the experience and were impressed that they were able to train so many very enthusiastic participants in such a short time.


The demands for this training far exceeded expectation from the medical fraternity.  Indeed, individuals from other industries expressed a keen interest in getting involved in future training on the management of burns.  As a result of this event, plans are being developed to deliver this training on a regular basis by the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medical Sciences.