From the comfort of the Telehealth Programme, clinicians can meet regularly for a variety of educational activities, including broadcasting “virtual” rounds, journal clubs and case presentations to colleagues. These education sessions may involve two centres (point-to-point) or more sites connected at one time (multi-point). The real advantage of using videoconferencing for education is that entire programs and multi-disciplinary teams from different institutions can participate in a single event. This ability to connect with teams from different institutions enriches the learning experience for everyone involved.

Videoconferencing is a powerful medium to convey material, but it must be used appropriately to maximize the benefit for both the participants and the presenter. As videoconferencing presentations are different from presentations given in person, Telehealth staff member will be available to provide advice and support for local presenters. Presentations may need to be altered slightly to fit the videoconferencing format. The Telehealth Programme Manager will meet with all presenters to demonstrate the technology and to determine the audio-visual requirements for the presentation.


Booking a Tele-education Session

The Telehealth Programme suite is equipped with a range of audio-visual technology including a laptop computer (power point presentations), LCD projector, document camera (to show overheads or text), and VCR. Therefore, most standard presentations are easily transmitted.

To assist you in preparing for videoconference presentations refer to the section "Guidelines for Tele-education Presentations" under Tele-Education.


Videoconferencing for Administrative Meetings

In the corporate world, meetings are often held using videoconferencing. Other administrative activity carried out via videoconferencing may include committee or planning meetings, research collaboration conferences, or interviews.


Renting the Studio

Local medical staff or external clients who wish to rent the studio for an administrative videoconference or tele-education session should complete required forms

• Internal Booking request form.
• Eternal Booking request form


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