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A Brighter Futire for Paediatric Oncology


The WENDY FITZ-WILLIAMS Children’s Hospital at the  Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex is the national centre for treating children with cancers.

A needs assessment of the paediatric oncology services was conducted during  the visit of the SickKids Team.  The assessment was  part of an evidenced-based approach to identify the gaps, challenges and  needs in paediatric oncology service delivery at the facility.  The results of  the assessment will assist in determining the present and future requirements for the provision of a comprehensive, efficient and sustainable paediatric oncology services in Trinidad & Tobago.


Information  was solicited from:

  • health care providers from various specialties involved in the delivery of paediatric oncology services both within and external to the services at the Children’s Hospital
  • members of non-governmental and private organisations involved in the care and support of these services (enablers) and
  • users of the services (parents). 
    This information was related to:
    • the services and resources available and accessible to current providers, enablers and users of paediatric oncology services at the EWMSC
    • the challenges associated with providing, enabling and accessing a better quality of diagnosis, treatment, care and support the priority needs of these providers, enablers and users

Preliminary and summary findings:

Clinical/Medical Departments: The human resource, infrastructural support of services (including laboratory) and data management needs are some of the key challenges that must be overcome for the improvement of the paediatric oncology service.


User Perceptions: Medical needs of patients were perceived to be generally well met, but there was a gap in addressing the psychosocial, physical and educational needs of parents. Issues of concern included inadequate clinic appointment system, inadequate number of  patient care assistants on the ward for very young patients and the admission of non-oncology patients on the oncology Specialty Unit.  Apart from their child’s illness, fear of job and income loss was a major stressor in parents.

This needs assessment report will be submitted to the relevant Health Authorities for their action on the recommendations made.