Highlights & Activities over the years


Special Visit from The Hospital for Sick Kids, Toronto, Canada


A Team led by Mrs. Kamla Sharma, Director International Patient Program, at the Sick Kids Hospital (SKH) and two members of Operation Herbie, anchorman, Gorde Martineau and camera man, Steve Boorne, visited the Faculty from March 31st to April 4th 2008. 

During their visit the team:

  • Reviewed the UWI Telehealth Program, of which they have been a major  financial contributor, and met with doctors and support staff involved in the programme.
  • Met with alumnae of SKH postgraduate program
  • Explored the development of Memorandum of Understanding with SKH on postgraduate Training for UWI graduates in areas such as paediatric oncology, intensive care and infectious diseases.
  • Prepared a human interest documentary film on the UWI Telehealth Programme which included two recipients of surgery at SKH supported financially by Operation Herbie.  The SKH regards the UWI Telehealth Programme, the only such program sponsored by the Herbie Fund, as an astounding success. 


The Herbie Fund

The Herbie Fund is showcasing Trinidad and Tobago this year and the documentary will be a major tool in their fund raising strategy. Since 1979, over 170 children from the Caribbean and 63 children from Trinidad and Tobago have benefited from the Herbie Fund.


The SickKids team also toured the Children Hospital at EWMSC, interviewed local physician and  made a courtesy call to our patron, The President of The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, Professor George Maxwell Richards