Archived Issue August 2013

His instinctive response when he brought home gold at the IAAF World Championships on August 15 – the first since Ato Boldon’s in 1997 – was that we had to believe that we could do it locally. We had to believe in ourselves. These were the sentiments that led this region, more than half a century ago, to begin working towards that state of independence, primarily from colonial rule. Today, as we mark the 51st anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s Independence, we celebrate our young UWI student, who truly believes that we can be responsible for our destinies and that we have the capacity to make it on our own strengths – and demonstrated it on a world stage. At 21, entering adulthood, he is the spirit of independence we aspire to. We salute you, Jehue Augustus Gordon. Full Interview . Photo courtesy the Trinidad Express.

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September 16-17
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September 19
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September 26-27
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November 2
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November 6-8
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