Archived Issue July 2009

Vaults of Memory

It might be far fetched to link the recent death of Michael Jackson and the conversations it stimulated globally to the debates generated by the refashioning of the Administration Building affectionately shorthanded ‘Admin Building’ on The UWI, St Augustine campus. But what links these two seemingly disparate events together is that they are both icons, important for different reasons and equally so to the groups they have touched.

The recent renovation and repainting of Admin Building, from a cool institutional duck egg white trimmed with maroonish brown to orangy peach columns, and walls of terracotta red edged in bougainvillea leaf green (my colour schema, not the architect’s or paint manufacturers’), generated a passionate conversation among colleagues about the change of appearance. The debate was sparked by an email written by one staff member who remonstrated the choice of colours. A spate of emails followed on the campus intranet. Sentiments were divided; the majority resented the colour shift for a range of reasons including the....

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UWI Calendar July 2009 - September 2009

Turtle Conservation and Sustainable Development Conference
July 28th-29th, 2009
Learning Resource Centre (LRC), UWI

UWI Life 2009
September 2nd-4th, 2009
UWI SPEC,St Augustine Campus
Guild Orientation 2009
September 7th-12th, 2009
St Augustine Campus
Strategies to Cope with Global Uncertainty
September 4th, 2009, Kingston, Jamaica
Doing Ethnography: the Poetics and Politics of Qualitative Research
Tuesdays and Thursdays August (6,11,13,18 and 20), 2009
Seminar Room, Institute of Gender and Development Studies, UWI.
Campus Film Classics Continues
June 9th-August 18th, 2009
Centre for Language Learning (CLL), UWI

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