Archived Issue September 2013

“Hide Away” is the name of this painting done by UWI MPhil candidate, Candice Sobers. Candice is presenting a thesis, “The Aesthetics of the Mundane: Techniques of Resourcefulness and Survival Among Working Class Trinidadians,” for this Cultural Studies degree. The practice-based research thesis is being accompanied by paintings, drawings and a handbook, “Threads of Survival: Sixty Resourceful Techniques for Family Life,” as part of a series of that would represent the body of her work for the MPhil. Her three-year research has been a fascinating story of the travails and triumphs of six families. Click here for more.

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UWI Calendar October - November 2013

Art exhibition: How the light enters
September 14-October 21
Soft Box Art Gallery, Port of Spain,
UWI Research Expo
October 2-5
Learning Resource Centre, UWI, St. Augustine
COTE 2013
October 10-11
Learning Resource Centre, UWI, St. Augustine
SRC Open House
October 24
Gordon Street, St. Augustine
UWI SPEC Half-Marathon
October 27
SPEC, St Augustine
UWIAA Distinguished Alumni Awards
November 2
Gender Transformations
November 6-8
UWI, St. Augustine

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