September 2022

Students from UWI St Augustine gather under a tree on the main campus. Since March 2020, the campus has been closed because of the pandemic. There were no in-person classes, and students lost the benefits of spending time on this alluring and expansive space. This August, they were welcomed back for Academic Year 2022/2023, once more allowing them to partake in one of the most important – and fun – aspects of the university experience. PHOTO: ANEEL KARIM

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Fingerprints of Cocoa
Using DNA sequencing to help cultivators identify crop variety and ancestry

Our Campus

Fetes, Fundraising, and Making a Difference for Students
UWIDEF Chairman Dr Sterling Frost shares plans for providing more scholarships and bursaries

Our People

Leader for a New Era
Campus Principal Prof Rose-Marie Belle Antoine


French Creole in Life and Film
Linguist Nnamdi Hodge produces documentaries, teaches across T&T and beyond to preserve Patois