Prof RReddock Prof. Rhoda Reddock

Welcome Message

Your university years will be some of the most important and influential years of your life.  Much of what you learn and experience here will determine the kind of person you will be later in life. It should be a life-changing experience for positive change. Use it wisely, enjoy it, and don’t let the bad days get you down. 

The Deputy Principal supports the Principal in the management of the St. Augustine Campus, and is also part of the regional university management, which includes the Mona, Cave Hill and Open Campuses. On a day-to-day basis, the Deputy Principal has overall responsibility for student issues. Based on my experiences, I would like you to consider these key guidelines for having a successful and enjoyable stay here at the UWI, St. Augustine.

  1. Understand how the system works.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 
  3. Use all the facilities available to you.
  4. Attend all your classes and read.
  5. Get involved in an extra-curricular activity
  6. Learn a second language. 
  7. Be security conscious.
  8. Get to know the country in spite of security concerns.
  9.  Enjoy learning. 

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