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Petroleum Geoscience is concerned with understanding the structure of the earth to depths of five miles to identify potential areas of hydrocarbon deposits and to identify the hydrocarbon bearing zones, fault patterns and water ingress, in order to model them in sufficient detail so as to be able to design development programmes for economic exploitation.The Petroleum Geoscience degree programme majors in quantitative petroleum geology and geophysics courses, but also includes significant, basic training in petrophysics and reservoir engineering. It is expected to attract ‘bright’, science students, fascinated with the earth and wishing to have a productive industrial career in their areas of interest.

The BSc Programme in Petroleum Geoscience is accredited  by the Geological Society of London for 6 years from 2015 to 2020

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The BSc Programme in Petroleum Geoscience is accredited by the Energy Institute (EI) of London for partially meeting the requirements for CEng.

The MSc Programme in Petroleum Engineering is accredited by the Energy Institute (EI) of London for further learning for CEng for 5 years from 2017 to 2021.

The MSc Programme in Reservoir Engineering is accredited by the Energy Institute of London for further learning for CEng for 5 years from 2017 to 2021.

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The MSc Programme in Petroleum Engineering is accredited by the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining (IOM3) of London for 5 years from 2015 to 2019.

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Undergraduate Programme Coordinator  

Dr. Ryan Ramsook

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Dr. Ryan Ramsook is the Coordinator for the BSc Petroleum Geoscience Program. He is also an Upstream Consultant with significant industry and consultancy experience. He previously was employed as the Senior Consultant, Geosciences at Optimal Geoscience and Engineering Limited. Dr Ramsook is also the Executive Director at Ibis Energy, Calgary Canada for the past 3 years and the Director of Regal Resources, Calgary Canada for the past 7 years. He received his BSc (Earth sciences), MPhil (Geology) and PhD (Geology) FGS from the University of the West Indies Mona.


Postgraduate Programme Coordinator.  

Professor Andrew Jupiter


Professor Jupiter is the Co-ordinator of the MSc Petroleum Engineering and the Postgraduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering and Management programmes. Mr. Jupiter received a BSc in Natural Sciences and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering from the University of the West Indies and also holds a Masters of Engineering Degree in Mineral Engineering Management from The Pennsylvania State University. He is the recipient of the Chaconia Medal (Gold) in 2017 (Public Service).   In 2013, he was conferred the honorary title of ‘Distinguished Fellow’ by The University of the West Indies (UWI). He is the holder of the Trinidad and Tobago Methanol Company (TTMC) Chair in Petroleum Engineering. Mr. Jupiter was Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries from 1998 to 2004.  He was also President of National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (National Energy) from 2009 to 2012. Professor Jupiter has held the position of Director on various State Boards. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Fellow of the Energy Institute, Fellow of Mineral, Mining and Materials and a member of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators.









Senior Lecturers

Hassanali, Hamid

BSc (Pet. Eng.), MSc (Pet Eng) (UWI)

(Drilling & Completions, Production Engineering)

(Petroleum and Reservoir Engineering)

Ext: 83078



Blake, Oshaine

BSc (UWI), PhD (Univ. of Liverpool)

(Petroleum Geophysics)

Ext: 84431

Sahoo, Manas R.

BSc (UtKal), MSc, MTech, PhD (IIT, Kharagpur)

(Structural Geology)

Ext: 83678

Sobers, Lorraine

BS, MSc (Texas Tech University),

PhD Petroleum Engineering (Imperial College)

(Carbon Storage, Enhanced Oil Recovery)

Ext. 83284

Part Time Lecturers

Archie, Curtis

BSc (Geol) (Mona, UWI)

(Petroleum Geology)

Baptiste, Brian

BSc (Mona), Dip Man Studies, MSc (Pet Eng) (UWI)

(Petroleum Development Geology)

Bertrand, Wayne

BSc (UWI), MSc (Brit Col)

Distinguished Fellow in Practice in Petroleum Studies

(Petroleum Geoscience)


Charles, Donald Gregory

BSc (Hons) (UWI), MSc (NexT)

(Petrophysics & Formation Evaluation)

Dhanpaul, Terrell

BSc Physics (UWI), MSc Production Management (UWI), MSc Petroleum Engineering (UWI)

Farfan, Philip

BSc Geology (Edinburgh),

MSc Petroleum Geology (Imperial College)

(Geological Mapping)

Hosein, Natalie

MSc (Leeds), BSc (UWI)


Lalla, Wilson

BSc (Geol) (Mona), MSc (Geol) (Tulsa)

(Petroleum Geology)

Rajpaulsingh, Winston

BSc (Geology) (Mona), PG Dip (Man. Studies),

MPhil (Pet Eng) (UWI)


Hosein, Natalie

MSc (Leeds), BSc (UWI)


Mathura, Rudra

BSc (Surveying and Land Information)

IHO (Class B Hydrographic Surveying)


Moonan, Xavier

BSc Geology, Geography (UWI, Mona),

MSc Structural Geology and Geophysics (Leeds)

(Structural Geology)

Persad, Krishna

BSc, PhD (Geology) (Mona)

(Petroleum Geology Management)

Ragbir, Samuel

BSc (UWI), MSc (Leeds)


Ramroop, Clement

BSc, MSc (Rheinisch)

(Petroleum Geoscience)

Ext. 83684

Rodrigues, Kirton

BSc, PhD (Geology) (Mona), MSc (Env Studies) (Toronto)


Russell, Allan

BSc (Maths) (UWI), Dip, MSc (Pet Eng)

(Petroleum Engineering Management, Petroleum Economics)

Sankar, Daryle

BSc Chemical and Process Eng (UWI)

MSc Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering (Heriot-Watt

University, UK)

(Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering)

Vincent, Hasley

BSc (Mona), MSc (Imperial), PhD (Dalhousie) (Sedimentology)

Marcelle-De Silva, Jill

BSc MSc (UWI), Eng (Stanford)

(Natural Gas Engineering & Well Test Analysis)


Costelloe, Ashley

Instructor I

Dipg. (Brescia College), MSc (Geoscience) (UCL)


Ext: 83686

McLean, Annalize

Instructor II

BSc (Pet Geoscience) (UWI)


Ext: 8368






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