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Animal Nutrition and Feed Analysis

The animal nutrition and feed analysis services provided by the DFP will improve the productivity on local and regional livestock farms by enabling the farmer to accurately formulate feeds from available feedstuffs to satisfy the nutritional needs of their animals. Our primary objective is to assist livestock farmers to satisfy the nutritional requirements of their animals by providing accurate and timely nutritional analysis of the available feedstuffs and nutritional management solutions for improved productivity.

Services Offered

1. Nutritional analysis of feedstuffs

  • Dry Matter (DM)
  • Organic Matter (OM)
  • Ash
  • Fiber analysis (CF, NDF, ADF, ADL)
  • Crude protein (CP)
  • Crude fat (CFat)
  • In-vitrotrue dry matter digestibility (IVTDMD)

2.  Nutritional management solutions

Types of feeds/feedstuffs

  • Agro-Industrial by Products
  • Fresh Forages
  • Conserved Forages
  • Concentrate
  • Non-conventional Feedstuff
  • Mixed Ration

Nutrition Management Solutions

  • Feed Formulation
  • Feeding Programmes
    • Feed/fodder budget
    • Feed and nutrient allocation

Please contact us for further information
Phone: 1-868-662-2002 Ext. 83208 / 82090
Cell: 1-868-389-4237/ 1-868-389-4AES


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