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Halls of Residence at UWI St. Augustine


Milner Hall

Milner Hall is a co-ed Hall of Residence at the St. Augustine Campus of the University of the West Indies . Milner Hall is very accessible both from campus internally and externally. The Hall borders the campus on the north-east and is within five minutes walking to all campus' facilities. The two main towns in close proximity to the Hall are: Curepe on the west and Tunapuna on the east. Both are within 10-15 minutes walk from the Hall.

Brief History:
Milner Hall is the oldest of the Halls of Residence at the St. Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies. It has been in existence for over 75 years and has been the home of many regional and international students. It has contributed immensely to their academic and social development. Milner Hall was part of the original Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture that was acquired by the University of the West Indies in 1960. It was subsequently enlarged and can now accommodate 168 students.

Buildings comprise five blocks. 
Present configuration provides for 2 blocks (60 spaces) for males only. 1 block (32 spaces) females only and 1 block (32 spaces) for both males and females. There are also accommodations for Postgraduate students (male and female) in the Postgraduate block (20 spaces). The Hall is fully equipped with kitchen facilities, Common Rooms and both private and shared bathrooms and toilet facilities. 
Other facilities include a central laundry area and one large Common Room, which is used as a recreation area, a meeting hall and for storage of trophies, and equipped with cable TV, VCR, and sports equipment. 
Spacious grounds and close proximity to the various playing fields on campus and the Student Activity Centre. 
Pay Phones. 
Tuck shop. 
Cleaning services of Kitchenette and Common areas. 
Porter Services. 
Maintenance services through Works Department and an in-house Maintenance Assistant.
Hall houses computer room with internet access that is free of charge to residents. 

Extra Curricula Activities 
Campus debating. 
Organized field trips. 
Christian Fellowship. 
Annual Concert and Variety show. 
International Food Day. 
Inter Floor football, basketball, dominoes, all-fours, cricket, table tennis and athletics. 
Planned games and fun activities to promote integration of all students. 
Indoor party to celebrate the entry of freshers to Milner Hall (known as Milner warming). 
Organization of groups for tuck-shop and kitchen duties (*FUN*). 
Mr. and Ms. Milner Hall Beauty Contest. 
Inter Hall activities with other Halls. 


Lisa-Ann Robinson-Nelson
Hall Supervisor
Milner Hall 
The University of the West Indies
St. Augustine
Trinidad and Tobago.

Mobile: 1-868-355-4821
Tel: 1-868-662-7629
Tel: 1-868-662-2002 ext 82479
Fax: 1-868-663-7670