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How to Apply for University Accommodation

Applications are open for the 2023/2024 academic year. To apply for hall accommodation, complete the online application form.

New Students

Along with your application, new students must pay a hall application fee of TT$250 and email to UWIHalls@sta.uwi.edu the following;

  • a current picture and
  • a copy of your police certificate of character or a recommendation letter from a former educational institution.
  • If available your UWI acceptance letter or status letter.

Payment of Hall Application Fee is made online via the following payment link.

Returning Students

Returning students are encouraged to apply early to ensure acceptance back on hall for the new academic year.  In addition, please email to UWIHalls@sta.uwi.edu an updated current profile picture for our records.

Prospective students are asked to note that the University cannot guarantee accommodation. An offer of entry to a faculty on ANY campus gives no assurance of accommodation in a Hall of Residence.


Apply Now!

Hall Application Form Academic Year 2023/2024

Note: This process is to be completed online; students are not required to come into the Student Accommodation Office (SAO) or mail any documents.


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