Postgraduate Enrolment Options

The enrolment option you choose determines the number of course credits you are allowed every semester. You can choose your enrolment option when selecting your programme during application.

Full-Time Postgraduate Student

In its broadest definition, a student who engages in employment for no more than twelve (12) hours per week, and is committed to a full-time course of study is categorised as a full-time student.

Note that a person in full-time employment CANNOT be registered as a Full-time student unless written proof of approved leave is provided prior to registration.

Candidates who will be sitting examinations in the December preceding the academic year for which applications have been invited, qualify for consideration for admission and may also submit applications.

Part-Time Postgraduate Student

A part-time student is one who is employed for more than twelve (12) hours per week. The Faculties of Engineering, Food & Agriculture, Humanities & Education, Medical Sciences, Science & Technology, and Social Sciences all offer opportunities for part-time study in some programmes.

Specially-Admitted Students

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