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Dr. Rawatee Maharaj-Sharma, Director of the School of Education

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Welcome to the School of Education! We are proud and thrilled that you have chosen to be part of our dynamic department and by extension, The Faculty of Humanities & Education and The University of the West Indies.

Our vision, here at the school of Education, is to be an institution with an established national, regional and international reputation for excellence in teaching, research and professional development and for leadership in educational change and innovation







  • Join World Read Aloud Day with SoE
  • Dr Paulson Skerrit chats with Dr Bhoe Tewarie on 'Brighter Morning with Bhoe' - Click HERE
  • Listen to Dr Freddy James and Dr Paulson Skerrit on 'Citizens Community Forum' - Click HERE
  • Reasonable accommodation in TVET and WFD.  Check it out!
  • Assistive Technology & Workforce Development Webinar.  Learn more.
  • Dr Yamin-Ali's new book, 'Teacher Educator Experiences and Professional Development: Perspectives form the Caribbean.' Check it out!
  • Drs Freddy James and Rinnelle Lee-Piggott speak about Radical Education Reform for Trinidad and Tobago on the Morning Brew. Click HERE

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