Message from the Interim Director


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I am humbled to greet you as Interim Director of the University of the West Indies, Institute of International Relations (IIR), as a new chapter of this historic institution is unfolding. At this critical juncture, as we prepare our students to face the multidimensional challenges of the contemporary regional and international arenas, it is evident now more than ever that the mission of the Institute must be fulfilled to its highest potential. The mandate of the IIR, embodied in its mission to develop a multidisciplinary understanding of the unique Caribbean international relations perspective through rigorous academic training, tasks the Institute with building up and fortifying the region’s growing cadre of qualified professionals in this field. Our purpose-driven and dedicated staff, resolute in their commitment to pursuing this mission, strives to ensure that our students are more than equipped to make significant contributions across a host of spheres of international relations (IR) regionally, and internationally. Armed with a broad range and depth of knowledge of myriad aspects of IR, we can indeed confidently claim that our graduates consistently emerge from their respective programmes poised for leadership in tackling the most pressing crises of today.

Unequivocally, our ever-expanding network of distinguished alumni continues to elevate the profile of the Institute through shaping and transforming their respective fields decisively, skilfully, and with sharpened intellect, honed at the IIR. We look on in pride at each cohort of students who breathe new life into the Institute with every academic year, eagerly awaiting their turn to take up the mantle of solution-finders and problem-solvers – we are consistently inspired by their eagerness to address head-on the existential threats that only the most passionate IR practitioners can tackle. The impact of the successes of our students and alumni not only reflects their unbounded intellectual capacity and potential for affecting policy, generating new knowledge and creating new analytical paradigms, but contributes meaningfully to the continued development of the Institute. All of this is supported by a wide network of individuals and organisations who support and promote the work of the IIR in academic and policy spaces through their  participation in, and collaboration on a myriad of initiatives and activities.

 As the IIR revitalizes its academic offerings, updates and refreshes its programmes to meet a rapidly changing global landscape, it is upon our collective of students, alumni, supporters, and stakeholders that we will depend to further raise our profile, fly the IIR flag, and engage and collaborate in our ambitious quest towards continued excellence in higher education. As we continue on this journey, we look forward to serving ever more expansively, innovatively, and rigorously, as we consolidate our place as the premier and only dedicated institution specializing in international relations and global studies training, research, and policy advice in the region.


Annita Montoute, PhD

Interim Director


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