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Meet Radica Rambharat - PG Diploma in International Relations

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"This course was recommended by a good friend who worked in UWI's Chemistry Department (Daren Grenade). In my opinion I could not have made a better choice.  This programme opened my eyes and understanding of how the world works. My background is in Supply Chain and the International Relations programme gave a whole different perspective on how the world operates and why it works the way it does.  It gave me a much greater appreciation for people as a whole, and a desire to want to understand another person's perspective/situation, even though they may be halfway around the world, I would never know them or be little or not impacted by them or their decisions.  It was a challenging programme, especially for someone such as myself without any prior knowledge of, or background in International Relations, but thoroughly worth it. The facilitators of the programme (lecturers and institute staff) were very helpful and accommodating, and I am very thankful for this experience."

"Just as a by the way, the lecturers were wonderful.  I particularly enjoyed some courses and their perspective changed me as an individual."


Meet Nikita Diaz - Master of Science in Global Studies


I decided to pursue the Masters in Global Studies after completing my Postgraduate Diploma in IR which was recommended by my Uncle. Throughout the global studies programme, I found the lecturers were quite helpful, engaging and personable, especially my thesis supervisor who also happens to be the Director of the Institute of International Relations. The degree requires a great deal of reading and intellectual thinking so if you enjoy reading and discussions on topics revolving around governance, diplomacy and international relations then I highly recommend doing this degree.  I was able to acquire a distinction which is possible once you apply yourself and it also provides immense career opportunities not only in the country but also abroad which is a bonus. I’m happy I did the masters as it paved the way to gain entry into the UN system first as an intern with UNICEF and now currently working with UNDP.


Meet Dr. Jafar Faies - PhD in International Relations

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“My journey towards acquiring a PhD in IR at the Institute of International Relations was a most fascinating and interesting one. I gained immense intellectual and authentic insights during various seminars that motivated me to continue seeking and advancing in this area of knowledge. Retrospectively, I would like to see the IIR expanding and moving beyond the region to include world studies. I wouldn’t hesitate to give five stars to the programs that I went through in my journey and to the helpful professional staff who taught and guided me. I immensely enjoyed every moment spent in IIR and as such, it has become part of my nostalgic memories and appreciated life lessons.”

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