Research Projects and Collaborations

UWI Research and Publications Fund Research Grant on Cuba-US-CARICOM Relations

This project has been concluded with the publishing of the book “Changing Cuba-U.S. Relations: Implications for CARICOM States” by Jacqueline Laguardia Martinez, Georgina Chami, Annita Montoute and Debbie A. Mohammed (Palgrave Macmillan; 2020). The book analyses the relationship between the United States and Cuba along with the impact of this relationship on Cuba-CARICOM relations. The book contains policy recommendations to CARICOM for enhancing relations with Cuba based on fieldwork and interviews with policymakers, academics and regional experts.

Caribbean Child Rights Observatory Network

CCRON made considerable progress in 2016-2017 towards strengthening its membership structure and governance framework. It also upgraded its website. During 2017-2018, the most significant activity has been the IIR-CCRON contribution to the organization of the 13th Annual Caribbean Child Rights Research Conference in partnership with SALISES (the lead entity), the IGDS and several other participating agencies. The conference will be held at the UWI Inn, the IIR and SALISES November 15 – 16 2018, on the theme “Leaving No Child Behind: the UN 2030 Agenda”. This is the first time the SALISES Child Rights Research Conference will be held at St. Augustine and it has been designated as one of the signature events for the UWI’s 70th anniversary.

EU-LAC Focus Project

Professor Jessica Byron continues to coordinate the UWI input into the Social Policy dimension of this project and various components of the research deliverables for the Caribbean were carried out in 2017-2018. These were carried out by researchers from the IIR and from SALISES Mona, working in collaboration with teams from the University of Chile and research institutes in Austria and Italy. The final report on the Social Dimension of the EU-LAC Inter-regional Cooperation is scheduled for January 2019.

EU-LAC Foundation Project on CARICOM and CELAC

This project was coordinated by Dr Annita Montoute and contributed to by Professor Andy Knight, Drs Debbie Mohammed, Dave Seerattan and Jacqueline Laguardia Martinez. It was successfully concluded in 2017-2018 and the final publication The Caribbean in the EU-CELAC Partnership has been published digitally at

UWI Research and Publications Fund Research Grant on Cuba-US-CARICOM Relations

This project has been concluded with the production of a book in draft form, US-Cuba Re-Engagement – Implications for CARICOM Countries, which is under review by publishers.


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