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About Undergraduate Degree Programmes

BA African & Asian Studies

This course of study offers the pursuit of a cross-section of courses on African and Asian History, the Sociology of African and Asian Communities and African and Asian Literature and Linguistics. Additionally, students are exposed to Beginners’ Japanese and/ or Beginners’ Hindi and/or Beginners’ Yoruba and are also required to pursue two Sociology courses from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

BA Carnival Studies

For the Major in Carnival Studies students pursue a number of courses that are truly indigenous to Trinidad & Tobago, including courses in Carnival and Society, Mas: History, Development and Meaning, Ethnomusicology, Carnival Ecology, Pan Theory and Practice, Trinidad Calypso: History, Development and Meaning and Economics of Culture.

BA Communication Studies

The major in Communication Studies provides a broad introduction to the many fields of human communication. On completion of the major, students who wish to specialise in communication may pursue a career or graduate degree in communications, journalism, public relations, or related fields. the faculty of humanities & education

BA in Dance
The programme is targeted to dance educators and practitioners who wish to develop their professional skills in dance and dance education, with a special emphasis on using dance to nurture creativity. The programme prepares professionals in the areas of performing choreography, directing of dance projects, teaching and dance management.
BA English Language & Literature With Education

This major provides the ideal balance for persons who wish to teach both English Language and Literature at the secondary school level by providing them with an appropriate selection of courses in these disciplines and Education.

BA Film Studies

The Major in Film Studies is an interdisciplinary programme designed to teach students to evaluate, critique and analyze film products and to understand how film images work. It ensures that future critics and aestheticians of film will also be grounded in the basic technical skills of filmmaking. The Major in Film Studies consists of a minimum of 36 credits in Film.

BA Film Production

The Major in Film Production is offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Education as an interdisciplinary programme designed to teach potential filmmakers the technical skills of production at the very highest level and to ensure that these filmmakers understand the theoretical and aesthetic principles of film. The Major in Film Production shall consist of a minimum of 36 credits in Film.

BA French

Knowing French language and literature opens doors internationally. Some of the Francophone literature courses available to students pursuing this major include: the French Novel in the 19th Century, French Caribbean Novel and French Caribbean Poetry and Drama.

BA Geography

The Major in Geography consists of a minimum of 10 level I to III Geography courses. In level I, at least 9 credits and at levels II and III, at least 6 must be from Humanities courses.

BA Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies relate to the study of Spanish language, and the literature, history, politics and economics of Latin America.

BA Literatures In English

Students reading for a degree in Literatures in English are exposed to a variety of literature from Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. While some courses examine regional developments, others focus on the nature and character of the major literary genres. Students are encouraged to engage with various critical and theoretical traditions as well as to develop their own independent responses to literary texts. In addition, through the Creative Writing courses, students are encouraged to become creators of literature.

BA Linguistics

Linguistics is the study of language in all its aspects – how it has evolved and how it is today; how it is acquired by children and adults; how languages spoken in the Caribbean are structured and the difference from one another. Careers include language teaching, speech therapy, journalism and writing, translating and interpreting, describing the world’s unwritten languages and communications training. Linguistics students are strongly encouraged to read a course in another language, such as French-lexicon Creole (Patois), T&T Sign Language, or any of the Centre for Language Learning courses. It is also useful for Communication Studies, in which students may minor.

BA Musical Arts (Special)

Students pursuing this option are exposed to courses in Aural Training, Music Theory, Applied Music, Western Music Literature, General Musicianship, Ethnomusicology, Jazz Theory, Pan Arranging or Composition, Musicology, Indian Music, Choral Techniques, African Music (south of the Sahara), and Steel Orchestral Techniques

BA Mathematics

The major in Mathematics consists of a minimum of 10 Level I to III Mathematics courses. In Level I, at least 9 credits and at Levels II and III, at least 6 must be from Humanities courses.

BA Spanish

The BA in Spanish is a degree that combines first-class language skills with an imaginative range of literature and culture courses, taught in a lively, friendly atmosphere. The Major in Spanish consists of 36 credits in Spanish, 18 in Language and 18 in Literature. There must be at least 3 level II/ III credits (one course) in Hispanic Literature with peninsular content.

BA Theatre Arts

As a student pursuing this major, you are exposed to a comprehensive range of courses addressing the critical issues in Theatre Arts. These include Elements of Drama, Production, Directing, Performance, Theory & Practice of Educative Theatre and Playwriting.

BA Theology

Students pursuing the BA in Theology are required to do courses in Biblical Studies, Historical Studies, Theological and Ethical Studies, Religious and Philosophical Studies and Pastoral Studies. The BA Theology degree is offered in association with Theological Colleges in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

BA Visual Arts (Special)

Students pursuing this option are exposed to a wide range of courses including Design Fundamentals, Material Design & Method, Colour Design & Method, Drawing Introductory Techniques, Painting, World Art and Architecture with specific reference to the Caribbean, and Image and Communication Studies.

BA History

History is referred to as the discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings. This study of past events is a systematic attempt to learn about and verify past events and to relate those events to one another and to the present. UWI’s Department of History offers a variety of undergraduate courses concentrating on the History of the Caribbean, Latin America, the United States, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Certificate in Dance and Dance Education

The Certificate programme in Dance and Dance Education exposes students to practical elements and theories related to dance with special emphasis on Caribbean Folk Dance. The programme is designed to introduce students to methods of teaching and performance skills through courses such as Dance History, Elements of Choreography, Dance Education and Performance (technique).

Certificate in Music

Students are exposed to courses in Steelpan Arranging, Ethnomusicology and Music Education and are encouraged to explore the indigenous genres of music created and developed in Trinidad & Tobago such as calypso, parang and chutney.

Certificate in Visual Arts

The Visual Arts programme is geared towards developing skills and creative approaches to art expression and production. Students are also encouraged to learn about the different techniques and methods of studio production utilising a variety of materials. Additionally, throughout the programme, students are taught basic drawing and design techniques.

Certificate in Technical Theatre Production

The Certificate programme in Technical Theatre Production exposes students, in a very practical way, to the elements of theatre production, such as stage management, scene and costume design and production, lighting and sound projection and lighting design.

Licentiate in Theology (Seminary of St. John Vianney and the Uganda Martyrs) (L Th)

The Licentiate in Theology (L Th) is awarded to students of Theological Colleges affiliated with The University of the West Indies who have completed the appropriate course of study. The Licentiate in Theology, which can be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis, covers Biblical, Historical, Theological and Ethical, and Religious and Philosophical Studies

Practitioner’s Certificate in Drama/Theatre-in-Education

The Practitioner’s Certificate in Drama/Theatre-in-Education is a practical programme that exposes students to elements of the usage of theatre in education and the promotion of good mental health. Students pursue a number of courses including Strategies and Techniques of Drama/Theatre Teaching, Developmental Drama and Dance, and Drama Therapy.