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Personal Safety

Ensuring Your Safety On and Off Campus

The St. Augustine Campus has taken significant steps toward ensuring the safety and security of students, employees and visitors. All students are strongly encouraged to make use of the following:

Campus Security Escort Service available on request from 6:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m. (Call Ext. 82120/ 83510)

Designated Secure Study Areas

Students' Shuttle Service

Designated well-lit, 24-hour patrolled walkways

Emergency Blue Phone Service


Stay alert on and particularly off campus, avoid secluded short-cuts, and walk with a friend – look out for each other! If you need assistance, or feel that someone is behaving in a suspicious manner, go to the nearest well-lit area and report the incident to Campus Security.

When Walking

Always walk with others 
Only walk in well lit areas 
Avoid short-cuts through poorly lit or deserted areas 
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can run in 
If you think you are being followed: 
Change direction and / or cross the street 
Head to a well-lit area 
Get close to other people 
Seek help 
Do not confront the person in an isolated area

In Your Car

Always have a valid Driver's Permit & Certificate of Insurance 
Park in well-lit, busy areas, preferably close to security 
Have your keys ready before approaching the car 
Look out for anyone loitering in the car park and report your observations 
Check the back seat before getting in 
Get into the car quickly 
Lock the doors immediately 
Start the car, then arrange children or items in the back seat 
Keep windows up and doors locked at traffic lights and after dark 
Do not stop for strangers or unidentified vehicles 
Check your rear and side view mirrors regularly to see if you are being followed
If you encounter an illegal roadblock or think you are being followed: 
Do not exit the car or lower the windows 
Quickly change direction 
Call the police 
Drive to the nearest busy area or police station

At Home

Equip your door with a peephole and dead bolt lock 
Make sure all windows have secure frames and locks 
Use outdoor lighting 
Never hide a door key outside of your residence 
Lock your door every time you leave the house (even for short periods) 
Never leave your purse, valuables and keys near windows on in easily visible areas

At Work

In the office 
Mark your personal property 
Keep wallets and purses out of sight 
Maintain a proper inventory of office equipment 
Request ID from all unfamiliar vendors

Leaving the office 
Let a co-worker, close neighbour, friend or family member know of your expected times of departure from work and arrival at home 
Lock computers or similar office equipment to the desk or in cupboards

Working late
Always have company 
Lock all doors and windows and do not open them to anyone you don't know 
After dark call the UWI Police to escort you to your vehicle 
Report all suspicious persons and activity to the UWI Police

For Victims or Witnesses to a Crime / Assault

Note the registration number of any vehicle involved 
Observe details of the person that will help you describe them later 
Avoid tampering with anything that may be used as evidence 
Contact the police as soon as possible

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