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Rape and Sexual Assault

While it is an invasion and a traumatic experience that can affect all people, regardless of their sex, age, race or economic status; women are more often at risk of being subjected to sexual violence. Not all rapes and sexual assaults can be prevented but you can reduce the likelihood of you or someone you love becoming a victim.

How to reduce your risk

  1. Be alert and aware of your surroundings
  2. Take self defense classes
  3. Watch what you drink, how much and from whom
  4. Avoid getting drunk, accepting open drinks or leaving your drink unattended
  5. Avoid taking illegal drugs
  6. Go out in groups; look out for each other during that time, leave together and make sure each person gets home safely
  7. Meet people in public places or in the company of your friends
  8. Trust your instincts - if you feel uncomfortable, find a way to get out of the situation e.g. Quietly calling over a friend, asking the person to leave, or leaving yourself
  9. Let your friends know your whereabouts and activities
  10. Do not accept rides from people you do not know well, or operating ‘PH’ taxis
  11. If someone is following you or approaching you in a car and you feel threatened, go to the nearest house, store or busy area
  12. Avoid short-cuts through secluded or poorly lit areas
  13. Avoid walking alone, especially at night


What do I do if I’m being threatened or attacked?

If the person is armed
Do not try to overpower them
Instead, try to divert their attention, get them to lower their guard and/or weapon, giving you a chance to escape

If the person is unarmed
Try to scare, distract or injure them; giving you a chance to escape

Options to consider
SING - try to hit the person in the Solar Plexus, Instep, Nose or Groin. The eyes are also a good place to inflict damage
Scream ‘Fire’ or ‘Police’ or create a disturbance that will attract attention
Have items in your pocket, handbag, hand or on your person that can be used as weapons/ distractions e.g. keys, nail file, small scissors, umbrella, high heels, perfume - aim for the person’s face/eyes

What if I am raped?

  • Try to note anything that will help you to describe the attacker
  • Continue to look for a way to escape
  • Do not shower, douche or change clothing
  • Get help from a family member or friend
  • Go to the nearest hospital, health centre or doctor
  • Report the incident to the police ASAP
  • Seek professional counselling
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