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Emergency Phones

The Emergency Phones are located at:

  • Department of Creative and Festival Arts
  • Distance Education Building
  • School of Continuing Studies
  • Sir Frank Stockdale Building
  • Engineering Block 1
  • Engineering Block 7
  • Student Activity Centre
  • Security Booth, South Gate
  • Human Resource Department
  • Chemistry C3-Computer Lab
  • JFK Quadrangle
  • Education Building
  • LRC Car Park

If you use any of these areas regularly, get to know where the phones are located. Don’t wait until you have an emergency to report!


Instructions on use of Phones

Press Call Button, the red button located in the middle of the box. Pressing the button will send a signal to the security control room, giving them the exact location of the call box. This action will also activate the intercom system.

Give details of the emergency to the security officer on call who will initiate a response.
Follow any instructions given to you by the security officer.

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