About Us

Campus Information Technology Services (CITS) is committed to enhancing your University experience by providing IT solutions with an extraordinary customer service experience.

Our Purpose

“In response to Strategic Perspectives of the University, we empower the Campus Community in its pursuit of professional and academic excellence through the adoption and adaptation of Information and Communication Technologies.”

Our Objectives

We aim to deliver integrated services that underpin University activities by:

  • Providing and supporting a reliable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) environment
  • Assisting the University to develop new IT initiatives, directions and strategies
  • Supporting the University to effectively utilise IT resources for teaching, learning, innovation and research purposes

Our Values

In pursuit of our purpose, we:

  • Support Excellence – We provide on time services that surpass our customers’ expectations
  • Secure Personal Data – We provide and protect data that is secure for our users
  • Respect and Develop Diversity – We acknowledge and train diverse users to learn and do their work efficiently
  • Encourage Team Playing – We ensure that we collaborate across the campus to provide for our users
  • Enable Adaptability – We respond to our customers’ demands as the environment changes
  • Act with Integrity – Provide advice and enable you to get the most from technology
  • Foster Partnerships – Work with you to develop and maintain positive relationships and productive partnerships
  • Embrace Innovation – Always endeavour to build a stronger UWI by continuously improving and innovating

Our Conduct, Commitment and Standards

We aim to:

  • Demonstrate technical and professional competence in providing advice.
  • Be inclusive.
  • Be transparent.
  • Always engage.
  • Understand you and your needs.
  • Listen and consider what you have to say, no matter what it is.
  • Be open and honest in our dealings with you.
  • Treat you with fairness, courtesy and respect.
  • Identify ourselves to you.
  • Work with you to find the best-fit solution.
  • Give you timely, useful, understandable, current and accurate information.
  • Treat confidential information appropriately.
  • Give you reasons for our decisions and respond to your feedback.
  • Comply with University policies.
  • Refer you to the appropriate department if the matter is outside our purview or span of control.
  • Monitor, review and report on our services at least annually.

Our Accountabilities

  • We report to the Campus Principal.
  • Provide reports to the University CIO in the Vice Chancellery.
  • Report on our performance to the Campus Office for Planning and Institutional Research.
  • Report on our service excellence to the Institutional Effectiveness Programme.
  • Report to the Campus Management Audit office when such audits are undertaken.
  • Are accountable to the UWI STA Senior Management and Extended Management teams.
  • Self accountability.
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