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Myelearning Service Catalogue

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  • Request for enrolment keys for course shell.




Persons can request enrolment keys that allow access to different roles for a specific course. These roles are:

Teacher - can manage and add content to courses.
Non-editing teacher - can grade in courses but not edit them.

How to Use Enrolment key?: These keys may be shared with the appropriate staff members who require access to the relevant courses. Read more...

The requester must:

  1. Have an official UWI Staff Email Account.
  2. Be a teacher for the course.
Request for Enrolment Keys
  • Copy of Course Content within Moodle 3

In Myelearning, content can be copied from a previous version of a course and placed/copied in a new version.

This can be done by following the instructions: How to copy course content?


To use this feature you must be assigned as teacher to both courses. There are no forms for this request. Please refer to: How to copy course content?

For any other services, please send an email to

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