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Printing Services

Provision of networked multi-function devices (print, copy, scan to email) in Departmental teaching clusters and within the University Libraries. Files to be printed are sent to a common print queue, and can be printed on any printer in the scheme within the Department or Libraries. Access is controlled via the University security card.

Undergraduates can purchase printer credits located in the campus library.

The scheme is provided by the University preferred printer supplier, who handle supply and replacement of toner cartridges for the devices available under the contract. Devices are provided under a contract with a quarterly charge to cover finance and maintenance costs. There is a per click charge which covers consumables.


CITS will:

  • Provide a resilient print queue
  • Provide a web interface to allow students to check their printer credits and add credits using the University approved e-payment supplier
  • Ensure that printer accounting data is held securely
  • Ensure toner is supplied by Department and/or their agent as per the contract
  • Publish up to date costs for devices available under the scheme
  • Meet with the preferred supplier on a quarterly basis to review performance of the contract


Customers/Departments will:

  • Provide a valid account code against which Postgraduates (PG) and staff printing can be automatically charged
  • Pay any printing costs accumulated by PGs and Staff and not paid for personally by cash or credit card
  • Ensure copyright rules are obeyed when copying or scanning materials using these devices
  • Provide appropriate paper for use with the devices
  • Install toner as and when required
  • Take responsibility for devices provided under the contract and ensure devices are not damaged or abused by their students
  • Agree to a 3 year contract for each printer, which cannot be terminated before the end of the contract unless the Department finds another Department willing to take on the remaining contract
  • Decide on the charge per page set for each printer.
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