Past Preliminary Rounds

Trinidad and Tobago’s Chinese Bridge Preliminary Round (2015)

On Saturday 16th May 2015, Trinidad and Tobago successfully held its first Chinese Bridge Chinese Proficiency competition preliminary round.

A total of 10 contestants entered the preliminary round. These students have had learned Chinese for varying various lengths of time periods, ranging from three months to 3 years of study. Each round produced intense competition among the contestants, who were all vying for the first, second and third place prizes. The competition consisted of a speech round, a question- and- answer segment, and a talent round. All speeches were linked toon one general topic, "My Chinese Dream". Contestants shared their own personal experiences of learning Chinese, their most memorable Chinese friends, and their favourite Chinese songs, and Chinese dishes, etc. In the talent round, the performances included singing, poetry recitals, Tai Chi demonstrations, and Peacock dance;, all of which highlighted the special talents of these students.

First place winner, Rondelle Keller, spoke about his experience while studying Chinese in Wuhan, China, for one year. While delivering his speech, The audience admired his fluency in the language and his love of Chinese culture. He sang a popular song, (“Am I your beloved?”), which moved the audience. Second place winner, Janine Lutchman, recited classical Chinese poetry, namely "The Peach Tree Tender", a poem from the Book of Odes. Her recital and enunciation of the words highlighted her superb language skills.

Trinidad and Tobago’s first Chinese Bridge preliminary round was organised by the Confucius Institute at UWI St. Augustine, and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to Trinidad and Tobago, in collaboration with the China Society of Trinidad and Tobago, the Chinese Association of Trinidad and Tobago and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The results for the preliminary round (2015) are listed below:

  • First place - Rondelle Keller
  • Second place - Janine Lutchman
  • Third place - Alissa Noel, Kizzie Noel and Kristian Ali

Special Prizes

  • Best Talent Performance - D'Izraiel Billy
  • Best Stage Presence - Rondelle Keller
  • Best Pronunciation - Janine Lutchman