CRC's role as custodian of the ICGT means we practise conservation on a daily basis. The following are specific projects or campaigns aligned with the goals of conservation.

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Conservation Story

Cocoa Genebanks are conservatories that keep ancient and interesting cocoa varieties or cacao genetic resources for posterity in a safe environment. The same way money can be used to buy goods and services, genes from the genebank can be harnessed to improve yield, quality, nutraceutical value and develop disease resistance or build resilience to climate change in new cocoa varieties.

It is important to store cocoa in genebanks because cocoa does not maintain its viability when stored as seed.

The Cocoa Research Centre is the custodian of the International Cocoa Genebank, Trinidad (ICGT) which is regarded as the largest and most diverse collection of cacao genetic resources in the world and has been designated as a Universal Collection by Bioversity International.

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