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This page will contain a listing of all items presented by contestants for the finals of Innovations in Chocolate Cuisine from 2012 onwards - bold font will indicate first place winners. Items will be listed alphabetically and by category: Savoury, Sweet or Drinks. Items not included in this list are ones that were not described properly and their names are not indicative of the content.


Almond Crusted Cocoa Salmon

Choco-rimp (2012) - Raees Soodhoo

Chocolate Fudge Bread Concoction (Chocolate marble bread with chicken and cream cheese filling)

Chocolate, tamarind lamb chops

Danielle's Dynamite Chili (2016) - Danielle Bartlett

Danielle's Hearty Beef Stew - Danielle Bartlett

Cocoa Chicken Drummettes

Cocoa coated chicken served with cocoa peanut sauce

Cocoa encrusted pork ribs

Cocoa encrusted scallop with tamarind sauce

Cocoa Paynol Pork (2013)

Chocolate Satay sauce

Pollo posado en cacao (2015)

Roberta's Lentil Soup (2017) - Marcia Guerrero Most Marketable

Trini "Chubble" (2016) - Raees Soodhoo





Beginners Luck Mint Chocolate Truffles (2013) - Marissa Guerra

Chocolate, avocado mousse

Chocobene (2016) - Sharde Titus

Chocolate (2015) - Michelle Sohan

Chocolate Decadence

Chocolate Mousse (2012)

Chocolate Ponche De Creme Ice Cream (2017) - Hyacinth Guerrero Most Marketable

Cocoa filled puff

Cocoa Medley Salad

Coco Sweetness (ice cream in a cocoa pod) (2013)

Double Fudge Delight

Exotic Chocolate Macarons (2017) - Rihanna Abdul

Exotique (cocoa rambutan mousse) (2016) - Rihanna Abdul

Piparo Chocolate Mud Crumble (2013) - Marissa Guerra

Sorbet Exotica de Cacao

Triple chocolate mousse

Wild Thing (2016) - Raees Soodhoo

Cocoa Butter Ice Cream (2016) - Johnathan Boysielal Most Marketable

Guava Bon Bon (2017) - Joanna Landreth-Smith


Batida Blanca

Chocolate and mango chiller

Chocolate Creme

Chocolate Rumba

Chocolate Rum (2017) - Eric Lewis Most Marketable

Chocolate Shots (2013)

Chocolate thirst quencher

Cocoa Pulp tropical drink (2012)

Cocoa Chiller

Cocoa journey (2015)

Ponche de Cacao (2013) - Cafe Mariposa family

Punch De La Cocoa (alcoholic beverage) (2016) - Wayne Cezair

Red Light District (2016) - Samara Lezama

Sangria Con Cacao (2017) - Brenda Salina - Cafe Mariposa family


CRC is grateful to Atlantic LNG and EXIMBANK Ltd for their sponsorship of cash prizes for IICC 2017.

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