Outreach and Professional Services


Cocoa Research Centre staff are members of several boards/committees/panels etc:

  • The International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) Ad hoc panel of experts on fine or flavour cocoa
  • Trinidad & Tobago’s Cocoa Stakeholders Steering Committee
  • SPS Capacity Building team of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Cocoa Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago

Professional Services

CRC staff also provide the following professional services.

  • Organoleptic and other quality evaluations on cocoa bean samples for
    • Cocoa and Coffee Industry Board, Trinidad & Tobago
    • Ministry of Food Production.
    • Rausch Schokoladen Gmbh, Germany.
  • Organoleptic assessment expertise on chocolate and cocoa liquor samples for Chocolate Companies and or individuals in value added processing in Ecuador, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Providing advice on cocoa rehabilitation, production and processing to cocoa farmers in Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Collaboration in the design and construction of cocoa solar dryers for Prism Agricultural Estates Company Limited, and the Ministry of Food Production, Land and Marine Affairs.
  • Collaboration in quality and sensory assessments with Guittard Chocolate Company Limited, USA.
  • Provision of facilities at CRC for chocolate making by local entrepreneurs.

Postgraduate Supervision and other student support

Staff at CRC are also involved in supervision of Postgraduate & other student research projects:

  • Undergraduate student Reah Gonzales in the Department of Food Production is conducting her Final year project "The influence of propagation material, genotype and light exposure on the architecture of Theobroma cacao" under the supervision of CRC Director, Path Umaharan and co-supervised by Annelle Holder-John, with additional supervision by Dr. Sreenivasan.
  • M.Phil. students in the Department of Chemistry: Sheldon Pilgrim and Ashaki Andrews.  Main Supervisor: Ivan Chang Yen, CRC supervisor: Darin Sukha
  • Ph.D. Food Science and Technology student Naailah Ali. Main supervisor: Gail Baccus-Taylor, CRC supervisor: Darin Sukha
  • M.Sc. student Janeille Bacchus, supervised by Lambert Motilal.
  • M.Sc. student Dane Bailey supervised by Dr. T.N. Sreenivasan
  • M.Sc. student Kenia Campo supervised by Romina Umaharan and Dr. Surendra Surujdeo-Maharaj

CRC staff also regularly give advice and assist numerous undergraduate students with cocoa-related projects in the Faculty of Science and Technology and Faculty of Engineering of The University of the West Indies.