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CRC is committed to providing training (on-demand or scheduled) to empower researchers, farmers and other stakeholders, and share the technological knowledge and skills necessary for the survival of the local and global cocoa industry.

Master of Science

  • Master of Science in Genetic Resources (Upcoming)

Short courses/training workshops:

  • Agronomy (Plant propagation/grafting)
  • Flavour & Quality
  • Molecular Tools
  • Morphological characterisation
  • Phytopathology

Some of the training modules currently offered are summarised below with details of scheduling and application links.

Training at Cocoa Research Centre


• Fermentation

• Physical assessment of beans

• Liquor and chocolate making

• Flavour profiling

Chocolate Making Course

The CRC chocolate-making course consists of several theory and practical sessions in a 4-day period. Topics/skills covered will include the following: Fermentation, roasting, sensory evaluation, tempering, the triple roll, and moulding. A certificate of participation is awarded upon completion of the training. For more details and information on how to register for the course, click on Chocolate Making Course.


Molecular Tools

This workshop is a combination of mini-lectures and laboratory sessions designed to give a solid introduction to molecular profiling using modern techniques. The module list gives a guideline to the modules covered and is subject to change/confirmation.


On demand
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Scheduled Training

March, 2017 - Fingerprinting


Conducted Training

May, 2015 - Quality management in cocoa and Setting up a fermentary and drying house at Montpellier and Genetic improvement of cacao planting material using modern technologies (part 2) - conducted in Jamaica

November, 2014 - IFCIC project component training conducted in Jamaica - Genetic improvement of cacao planting material using modern technologies (Part 1): Training in cocoa propagation techniques; Nursery establishment; Descriptor/phenotyping & genotyping of cocoa genetic resources in Jamaica to identify elite adapted germplasm, Population genetics

February, 2014 - The Budding and Grafting of Cocoa (Grenada)

On Demand

Training is available, subject to the availability of staff and in the absence of other scheduling conflicts. Please contact our main office for information at your earliest convenience. Inquiries made in advance of desired training period are likely to be more easily facilitated.

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