The Guild Administrative Office provides the following support to Guild members:

  1. Event Planning, Management and Implementation
  2. Financial Management & Accounting
  3. Administrative Services
  4. Leadership Training & Development

About the Guild of Students

Student activism is a core part of life at any dynamic university. The primary role of the Guild of Students is to represent the interest and welfare of the student population and to encourage integration among students through various events and activities. Members of the Guild Council are elected annually by the student population and form part of committees such as University planning, finance and academic committees where Guild Council members represent and offer students’ concerns and views.

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Facebook: @uwistaguild

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Twitter: UWISTAGuild 



Flagship programmes include:

  1. The UWI Guild Election is a constitutionally bounded event which occurs annually for electing Guild Councillors in all twenty-four (24) positions of the Council.  This event precedes the annual Inauguration event which is a formal welcome ceremony, to mark the official start of the tenure for the elected councillors.
  2. The UWI Guild Fest as part of the First Year Experience programme is a festival designed to orient new students to a taste of campus life. Participating students enjoy meeting student clubs/societies representatives, student support administrative personnel, NGOs and corporate entities all in an effort to familiarize students with the many ways they can get involved.
  3. UWI Got Talent which made its debut in October of 2019, is a programme which provides a platform for students of The UWI St. Augustine Campus to showcase their various talents in categories such as dance, song and performance art. The most dynamic performers are chosen to showcase their talent and are given the required mentorship to then compete at the finals. 
  4. Food for Thought is an opportunity for Guild Councilors to show support to the student population during the exam season by providing students of the various faculties with refreshments while they study. 
  5. Hall Concerts are an exciting showcase of Hall spirit and culture through various acts of talent. Each Hall of Residence is encouraged to coordinate and execute their much anticipated annual productions, usually well attended by students, staff and the general public.
  6. Caribbean Integration Week promotes regional and international integration on campus. Noting the gap between the national and the regional students on campus, this programme is designed to provide students with a week of activities meant to strengthen relations amongst all nationalities on campus.
  7. Campus Carnival activities provide students with a taste of carnival activities in Trinidad and Tobago. Campus Carnival offers to the student population a slate of events such as pan and cultural shows, band launches, calypso and soca competitions and a fete which typically serves as the largest event for the campus carnival season.
  8. UWI Guild Sports Day has in recent years become one of the Guild’s staple events which aims to encourage involvement and collaboration with students by providing them the opportunity to represent their faculty through various interactive and fun activities.  
  9. Outreach programmes are seen as important to the Councilors as well as various clubs and society on the campus. as social responsibility is an integral part of the Guild’s function. These programmes involve collaboration with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Leadership and Training

Leaders Workshop Series is an initiative spearheaded by the Guild Administrative Office.  It is a specially designed programme aimed specifically at student leaders.  Through a series of ongoing interactive and educational sessions, student leaders are provided with a wealth of knowledge by campus professionals as well as professionals from various industries.  Some of the topics covered at the workshop include the importance of good leadership, the process and procedures in managing Guild Finances, Promotion and Marketing of events, Legal Matters, Managing Risks, and Safety, among other topics; pertinent to the role of student leaders at the Guild of Students.

In addition to the Leaders workshop series, student leaders are encouraged to participate in leadership development programmes such as workshops, seminars and conferences regionally and internationally.



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