There are times while at University, when situations occur which prevent students from being able to afford the barest necessities.  At the Division of Student Services and Development (DSSD), we recognize that this could impact the educational endeavous and impact the overall student experience.  It is why the DSSD has developed this financial aid programme to support students in need, especially in cases where options for support are few.

About the Programme

The Adopt-A-Student Programme is a charitable programme where ATS and Academic staff members of The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine make a monthly contribution towards a fund, for students in need of financial assistance.  These contributions enable eligible students to receive a monthly stipend of TTD$400.00 for the semester period, to assist with daily living expenses. 

Impact of the Programme

Through the generous and voluntary contributions by our UWI staff members, funds donated have assisted over six hundred (600) students, since its inception in 2005.  With a contribution of as little as five dollars ($5.00) per month, eligible students were able to afford meals, transportation costs, purchase books and take care of basic overheads.  Here's what some of our students have said about the benefits of the programme:

 "The Adopt-A-Student Programme helped in so many ways.  Many times, it was my only means of funds to get to and from the Campus.  I was also able to put some of the funds towards completing my projects and assignments." CF, 2019/2020

"This programme is truly a blessing.  It has assisted me with access to books and food items hence allowing me to stay at the UWI. There is no amount of thanks that really represent my gratitude to the donors. They are truly making a difference!" IWN, 2018/2019

"The Adopt-A-Student Programme has helped me reduce my financial burdens over the years...the assistance has reduced my anxieties and helped me to focus on my academics while at UWI." MN, 2019/2020

Terms and Conditions: 

1. Registered undergraduate UWI St. Augustine Campus students are eligible

2. Students must complete the 'Application for Adopt-A-Student Form'

3. Students who request funding must provide evidence of need

4. Students will be interviewed as a part of the selection process

5. Applicants must attach a scanned copy of:

    National ID and Student ID and any of the following relevant supporting documents:

  • Parent/Guardian/Student’s mortgage payment or most recent rent payment receipt
  • Parent/Guardian/Student’s payslip or job letter/ proof of retrenchment
  • Letter stating nature of business (for self-employed persons)
  • Medical documentation (in cases of illness)
  • Any other relevant document that supports your rationale for applying

Process for Applying:    

STEP 1: Click on the following link to complete the Application for Adopt-A-Student Programme . Please be sure to include a detailed rationale for your application

STEP 2: Upload the relevant supporting documents (as listed in the eligibility criteria above) into the designated area on online application form

STEP 3: Upload your bank statement or screenshot of your online banking information into the designated area on the form

STEP 4: Prepare for the brief interview session via phone or through an online facility

Disbursement of Funds:

Due to the COVID-related Campus restrictions funds will be disbursed to successful candidates as follows:

Local students: funds will be disbursed via direct bank deposit.  For this purpose, your banking information will be required together with a photo or screenshot of the top of your bank statement or online banking facility, showing your bank account information (your balances are not required). If you do not have a local bank account kindly indicate this on the application form and alternative arrangements will be made

Regional students who have returned to their home country, will receive funds via wire transfer. Banking wire information is required, including  the bank's swift code and routing number

Notification of Successful Application

Students will receive notification of their successful application via e-mail message.

NOTE: All requests for financial assistance will be subject to standard UWI financial aid processes and each request will be taken on a case-by-case basis, in relation to the Campus’ resources.

(For Prospective Contributors)



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